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In the skies over Second Life floats a curious purple box, known as gee-why-see. As floating purple boxes go, this one's popularity beggars belief. It's a rare thing to find a fur who hasn't been there, rarer still to find one who hasn't heard of it.

It's hardly the only furry club on Second Life, this GYC thing, but it's by far the most popular. The reasons are legion, but the core of it is that we know who we ware, what we're about and what we're here for. A dance hall, a haven, a place to chat and make new friends -- and, oh yes, to yiff like we're all on steroids. That's the beauty of the 'adult' flag, public sex is allowed and encouraged and frequent. GYC is the Moulin Rouge of Second Life.

Something like that doesn't just appear. It has a beginning, and with a place as raucous as GYC, that's bound to be a story worth telling. Our story starts with a chap named Senjin (you may have seen his penis here and there), who concocted the concept on the Furcadia online realm. That original incarnation, then known more fully as the Gay Yiffy Club, garnered a dubious reputation and it quickly became a juicy target for those with different ideas about the rights and freedoms of others. The picketing and protests and vacuous pranks, usually centering on the Gay and Furry communities grew out of hand, and because Furcadia offered no help, 2004 saw the closure of Furcadia's most scandalous establishment.

In 2005, Senjin bravely penetrated Second Life and began rebuilding the GYC, purely for his own amusement. Burned by the Furcadia catastrophes, the dragon kept this little gem under wraps, until Darkfoxx and Kiroja uncovered the truth. Realizing that this wonderful place had been recreated, but that no-one would be able to enjoy it unless it was opened and organized, these conniving foxes banded together and formed a Plan. Oh, you know how sneaky foxes can be.

An eye-catching logo, aggressive advertising, a place in the Second Life search engine, every possible way the foxes could imagine to lure the furry public was being exploited, while behind the scenes volunteers were screened and hired as dancers, DJs, security guards and bartenders. An opening date was set. A launch party was planned to the smallest detail. Search queries brought an ever-increasing traffic of curious folk to the closed doors. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

GYC debuted with a bang, and attendance escalated well beyond the capacity of Donders, GYC's original home, to accommodate. Vendor space was highly sought after, and the club stirred such appetites in its patrons that an escort service became not only interesting, but absolutely essential. GYC partnered with RTI, the Raised Tails Inn, who were contracted for escort services, and assisted in the construction of a shopping center on Moonlight, where RTI was also located.

While originally the idea was to move the club to Moonlight as well, the owner had a better idea: allocate a new island on Silverstone whose primary purpose would be to house the club, since there was no reason to think that traffic would do anything except increase. Obviously, the move was incredibly well-organized and the transition to the new island occurred without even the smallest problem, as you'd expect for a move of that size. The Pets And Trainers Club, also a Silverstone establishment, became a GYC franchise for a while, but sadly both RTI and PATC went out of business all too soon.

With traffic and popularity continuing to grow and GYC's own mall becoming quite the success, in early 2007 a 'home-brand' escort service was launched, to great acclaim. The quality of service was quite unparalleled -- and the same can be said for the rest of the club's staff. Larger and cooler and more frequent events, and patrons who've been around as long as the club itself mingle daily with folks that have just discovered it for the first time.

GYC: The Place To Be.
Come visit us at Silverstone in Second Life.

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